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Volkswagen, Porsche & a Ford

  Audi A4 AVANT 1.9TDi
Hi all,

lol @ the "Where's JimWD" thread. Yeah, about that...

I've been without the internets since Dec 31st. "Why?" Communication error between TalkTalk and BT. At this rate, we're not likely to have the line back until late Feb. This day and age, it's ridiculous.. But anyway, here I am borrowing a friends internet catching up on the forums/emails/enquiries and stats. :(

I am without the HTML code for my latest reports, so, I can't post in the usual format.

If it's OK, here are some direct links through to the reports on my web:

Ford Mondeo ST200 - CLICKY

Volkswagen Touareg - CLICKY

Volkswagen Golf GTi - CLICKY

Porsche Boxster S - CLICKY

I am completely lost without the internet. I have a few more updates to make but for now, this will have to do.

A belated Happy New Year to all.



(PS, don't forget, new TopGear tonight! ;))
Yeah thanks for that Jim, not like I'm stuck on a train back to Cheshire or anything! At least your threads can keep me company until then :)


ClioSport Club Member
  340i M-Sport & 182
Awesome id love to live closer so i could badger you into taking me on as an apprentice ha ha ha