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Volvo T4

How much bhp do those Volvo T4s put out.... I had one alongside me the other day and we were both going for it.I have to say I wasnt trying to hard because I dont have many miles on the clock.I couldnt believe it was keeping up until I saw the lil T4 badge on the back.I know they are fairly quick, but how quick?
  CTR EK9 turbo

Volvo T4 2.0 litre, 200 bhp, 221 lb/ft, 31.7 mpg 0-60 7.3, 146 mph.

I raced a white estate one of these and was shocked, still toasted it tho (in the end!)

ah that explains... lol yeah I was quite supprised.... it gave a big puff of black smoke everytime he changed gear... so I know he was flooring that thing....