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vroom vroom...... BANG

  Z4 Roadster
Hey all :)

On a roundabout last week, waiting at some traffic lights. Lights go green, few revs, go forward for a bit, say to 30mph, then BANG, lots of blue smoke out the back.


Called the RAC out and he diagnosed that a conrod had shot out the block - either way, the amount of oil on the floor and general noise when it went, was not good.

Anyway, eventually got it home, then took it to a renault garage in Ware to be looked at.

Diagnosis is that the diff exploded, taking various other parts with it.

So new gearbox, clutch, flywheel blaa blaa blaa is on the way :(

Muchus cost to me!! Only had the car something like 3/4 weeks.

Not particularly chuffed - flippin' french cars!!! :( :(
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
Out of warranty mate? :( unlucky. Speak to Matt Black here (pm him) he might have a used diff you can buy cheapo :D
  Z4 Roadster
didn't start it up again. It went into Renault and they have diagnosed it as the gearbox. However, it was all locked up, so they couldn't start it initially.

They've taken the gearbox out and that is where the problem lies. :(

At least it wasn't the engine!!!!
  Z4 Roadster
have agreed to go ahead. Managed to get Renault to contribute 50% thankfully, which helps.

Still a nasty bill to have to pay tho :(
Ah thats OK then. Must be a dodgy diff for it to explode and lock up tho. I've blown 5 gearboxes up and it was never the diff going.

clowo16v said:
Ah thats OK then. Must be a dodgy diff for it to explode and lock up tho. I've blown 5 gearboxes up and it was never the diff going.


Fook me!!

And didn't you say they diagnosed it as a conrod shooting out the block? Gues they got it wrong there then!?
Too much drag racing lol.

It is an interesting diagnosis by mr RAC man. Did he actually look under the car or just assume that as it was locked up the engine had blown?

  Z4 Roadster
he did have a look and he saw a hole around the back of the engine - not sure quite how, but must have used a light & mirror type combo.

To be honest, the amount of oil on the ground and bits of metal here and there was a clear sign something major had happened, so no way of fixing by the roadside- lol!!!
  Z4 Roadster
well, I'm pleased to report my car has now been fixed. :cool:

I've had other bits and bobs changed / checked as well, such as the cambelt / aux belt (due anyway) etc etc. I'll let you know what was done!
Going to pick it up later this afternoon - to state I'm excited is an understatement. :race:

However, I'm not excited at the prospect of paying for it all! :cry:
  Z4 Roadster
not particularly cheap :(, but they did contribute for the initial problem :) (i.e. gearbox), and I've not really had to pay too much more labour for the cambelt etc, as the engine bay was already in bits etc.
  Z4 Roadster
ok then... well I've got it back! to give you a run down of bits replaced...... :rolleyes:

Gearbox, clutch, starter motor, flywheel, drive shaft, various other sensors / oils etc

then I also had done... :rolleyes:

36k service, cambelt, a leaking shock and a PAS pressure switch....

quite a lot I think you'll agree!!! :cry:


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Fcuk me mate . Thats bad luck . Not a good start to your 172 ownership . At least you didn't have to foot the whole bill if thats any consolation .
  Z4 Roadster
yup :)

and it should be all good for a good while yet! So from buying this car as a bit of a stop gap, it's now going to stay with me for a few years at least!

Matt - useful to know for future, but seeing as Renault did pay 50% of the cost (parts & labour) for the gearbox etc, and I get a years warranty etc on the work, it made sense to stick with them this time.

next, to get some bucket seats! :)
god thats ridiculous! 2k
you could get a brand new box off matt for 400 plus other bits your looking at around just over 1k! my box went last year i got another one and fitted for 600!
  Z4 Roadster
yeah, it is a lot of money, but I have had everything done -

cambelt, aux belt, 36k service, replaced a shock, g'box, flywheel, driveshaft, clutch, starter motor etc etc.

There is a lot of stuff there - without Renault's contribution / labour savings through doing everything together and you're looking at closer to £3.8k+

I know I'll be treating the new 'box with respect. Not that I didn't show the old one that - however, I'm more weary now!!!


  BMW M3 & Williams 3
The Renault robbers had you, f**k me, you think the actual cost was 4 grand!!! 50% off??

This had made me feel sick.

Every one else out of warranty... INDEPENDENTS!!

Infact, this on most occasions applies to everyone else.
  Mk1 Clio 1.8 16v
They obviously thought the diff had a manufacturer fault and did it to keep him sweet. Me personally, i would have got an independant examination from a garage, taken it to them and got them to pay for the lot!!
Warranty or not, diffs shouldnt just explode, surely.

  Z4 Roadster
to be 100% honest, I don't know the actual cause of the problem.

However, my friend works in the renault dealership as a mechanic, so I knew all along it was being looked after etc. I'm going to catch up with him at the weekend to find out the details - I'll let you know if it's anything interesting!

I was glad to get 50% off tbh - I've had a quick turnaround and it's all under warranty and sorted. Yes, it's cost me a bit, but I've got no worries for a good few years now (cambelt etc).