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VTS Fuel

My bro-in-law has just got a VTS and was wondering what fuel to put in it (SUL,Optimax,NUL)?

His hand book is in the post.

Also what oil do these use?

  mk2 172

i run mine on normal shell andi ts fine, lend it to my brother tho and he put samm supermarket fuel in it. optimax is good for maintaining a cleaner engine i belive but shell unleaded shoiuld be fine id say.

i dont think it does, aslong as u dont keep putting supermarket petrol in it, apparently is lacks certains things. overall i dont think that puttin certain petrol in your car makes that huger difference, only in the long long long long run. i usually just put normal unleaded in, and then everynow and again i will treat the mattmobile to some optimax.



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

The VTS and 106 GTi will run fine on normal 95 Octane stuff...

I used to put SUL or Optimax in for trackdays or RR days, etc, but for most of the time it ran on Esso unleaded.
  Audi S3

i always use optimax its suposed to be better for the engine and for the sake of a fw pence per litre

its not going to do any harm so rather play the safe way