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VTS Power


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Jesus!!! :eek:

That guy in the VTS is giving it some stick...

Bet the TT driver had a huge shock when he saw a little 1.6 litre Saxo chasing and keeping up with him. :D

Good effort.

Saxos are so badly under-rated its untrue. Ive always thought they look nice.. just too popular - I am starting to see why now!


VTS - a well under-rated hot hatch.

TT - quick in a straight line, but compromoised by its VW Golf 4Motion underpinnings.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

i like how u can see the TT twitching under braking into some of the bends! he is GIVIN IT SOME!!!!!! lol

My dad will be getting the second UK V6 TT so it will be interesting to compare it to a 172.

Have any 172 owners played with a VTS on track?

With all respect to the RSi as per previous post, your RSi will not have a real VTS off the lights. Even a 16v and Williams have trouble! (See recent Craggy videos). Maybe it was a badged up VTR? - very common.

Agree with Ben about the RSi / VTS thing. I was flat out against Craggy in the Williams and there isnt really anything in it. There isnt even that much in it between Craggys VTS and Paddys monster of a 172!

At York I raced a TT225 in the 172. I lost, but he didnt even manage to break into the 14 seconds! I also chased a TT225 down some twisty roads in the 172. He easily pulled away on straights, but I was able to pull it right back on corners. Must confess though, I do rather like Audi TTs. Now, where did I put my scissors?!


the thing is if it was a vtr he would not have caught me up i have never seen a vtr catch me ever that would have been embarrising well maybe it was a vts but the guy cant drive??

Sometimes if I see a car at the lights that definitely wants a race, I let him blast off into the distance and then reel him back in. Maybe he did that and thought he was going to kill you, but had a hard time clawing back the lead??

Now im a VTS owner and have the upmost respect for clios, their an affordable french hot hatch like the Saxo but im affraid an RSi will never do a VTS. I hope i dont get a flaming for saying this but its true.
  clio 20v

nah not on here mate lets just say most of our attitudes to the saxos hav changed since craggy got his which goes like fuk

i shud kno i got beat by him wen i was runnin the 1800


Oh and Im pretty sure the guy said the VTS was standard :eek:.

I know he said there was no engine or suspension mods, but those dont look like standard 14" or 15" wheels. With the standard sized wheels he should be quicker and handle better.

Love the fact hes listening to tunes whilst playing with the TT round a track, I reckon hes the Stig! ;)

Although things seemed to have chilled a little between us :D (SCC and Zetec-S)

Renaults and Saxos aint all that different really, Cheap french lightweight pocket rockets! :D

I havent seen the vid but how do we know its the 225bhp TT and not the 180bhp one. The only way I know of from the outside is the twin exhaust on the 225 & single on the 180,that was only at the start,they have both had twin exhausts for a 2-3 years now.