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VTS vs clio V6 on twisty

  mk2 172

well words can not express how f**ked off i am at the minute, went to the shop and thort i couldnt be arsed to take the camera cos i werent going far and im not well so im not gonna have a hunt, and what do i see a frigin V6. grrrrr, immediately went into stalk mode, and the road went from dual to single and was heading for some bends so i came flying up behind it to get him to give it some, and what can i say, the thing had so much grip, i was getting f**kin shafted, the roads were icy and i was fighting to keep the car on em to try and here the mental exhaust note, it just looked like a tank gunning me down, so stable through the corners, almost looked like he wasnt trying, i was there wit me window down listening to it, the guy would ease off on the straights then make me follow him through the corners again. i wish i was lower on some fatter rims, still doubt id be near, would be intersting to compare on a track where i coould throw it about. but the lack of power would get me shafted again. dont reccomend driving against one with someone who can drive piloting. nice to see the benchmark clio go tho.

i was under the impression they were to good at handleing, having tried to follow one im convinced they do, certainly tonnes of grip anyway.

  CTR EK9 turbo

I love the noise they make those V6s. Definately the mentalist looking standard car on the road! really mean and aggressive looking. One of the reasons why I bought my mk.1 as its like a miniature version of the V6! (well if you close your eyes tightly anyway!)

I was kinda worried Craggy was gonna host a vid of him beatin a v6 reading the title!!!!!


Nice one craggy tho!
  Clio v6

Quote: Originally posted by viceroy on 06 February 2003

Im assuming you mean the V6 since they love losing their tails
I must be doing something wrong, as I havent lost the tail once. I would like to get one of these experienced drivers to show me how to lose it just to see what its like. The V6 hugs the corners like its glued to them. Maybe I need to do something totally wrong to make it let go?

As I have said before, My 172 lost it in the corners many times, and I even got to enjoy that "Oh shyte" feeling. I dont get any of that hairy scaryness in the V6. It is so secure, it can even be a little boring at times:cry:
  190 BHP Willy 2

sorry Simon172, but IMHO, the best looking standard car on the roads is the Evo 6. Pure evil :devilish:

where I bought my 16v from had 1 in the showroom for 25k. I tried to blag a test didnt work
  320d M Sport

Hooorah!! Craggy gets beat, why didnt you have the cam though u nuggett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???