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Warning 1.2 16v Owners -Part 2.



Hello peeps

Just have a check for gearbox oil in the drip tray under the box itself

Nothing to worry about if there isnt any but if there is get it to renault.

Check the diff housing for cracks

Mine might just be a one off but still best to check

Cheers. How do you go about checking the tray, is it just a jack up the car and wrench off a nut or two job, or is the procedure more complex?? Also, wheres the diff housing??? (pardon my ignorance here by the way!)

i make sure mine goes to the limiter on a regualr basis, just so that all the revs dont feel like they are being left out ;)

so far, all is in order, though its still very much in its infancy



Yeah i have but 3 times?

1st time 3 months old (never went over 5000rpm)
2nd time 1 year old
3rd time 21 months old
Thrashing it means 5500rpm thats all i dont hit the limiter often

Really narked off it looks so nice too :(

You should see the casing the crack is a foot long!!



Yep it must be that oh well if its not fixed gratis