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Ok check under your oil cap if you see some nasty yellow stuff take it to the dealer to find out why

This could be a problem with the engine

i smell recall

Just had a look at mine. Its done around 9000 miles. There is a very very small sign of this stuff.

Has anyone asked Renault?. My old fiesta had quite a bit of this stuff and it was just normal, there might be nothing to worry about.

Also I have noticed that the oil level is getting low. What oils do people use on these engines and do you do a complete change or just top it up?. Also can Renault do this under warrenty???


OK, so now we have this problem for:




Rik (on a smaller scale)

Anyone else??

also, just out of interest, and I know this may be unlikely... but... do any of the others in the list above have any engine additives in?? Just that I have Slick 50 in mine, and I was considering that maybe this could have been part of the cause??
  Lionel Richie

I put slick 50 in ages ago, have changed the oil since. i took it too my dearlship earlier, and he reckons its just condensation, im not 100% convinced although the car doesnt seem to be leaking oil, or to be down on performance, ill wait to the RR day and see what i get!!!!!

Its not a big problem! It what in the trade they call mayonnaise. Its when condensation mixes with the oil (It goes white) The condensation collects on the rocker cover and when you are only doing small journeys it doesnt have time to evapourate. It also happened on my old feista, I had to get it out with a spoon every month, there was that much.
  H22A7 Accord Type R lets all get together and take our cars for a mega scoot down a motorway hehe!!!!!!!!!!! I shall check mine when i get some daylight! prob be saturday lol! I have alreadyhad my sump gasket replaced as it was i got a free oil change lol! and my tick tick tappets are a bit of a bugger...........but the car still goes well! still gettin better i feel!!! :D



Phew!!! im gonna seek written conformation from the dealer that it isnt a problem

sorry for the scare!!

gonna clean that crap out right now!!

I got a dealer to change my oil for me, they didnt top it up either, they drained it and put fresh oil in for free, shame my local dealer isnt so nice!

Oh sh*t... Ive just checked and I have the same... its done just over 8k and there is yellow stuff like antifreeze mixed with oil round the filler cap bit..... ARE YOU SURE THIS IS NORMAL?? Not seen it on other cars unless the gasket leaks
  Renaultsport Clio 182

Just checked now, cant see anything yet but i have only done 3800, so it may become problem later?


  Audi TT Stronic

Oakley is correct,

they call it mayonaise, very common on the old 205 GTis..




remeber guys all the engine is is a 1.2 8v with some flash bits on it

and its a 1.1 not a 1.2!!!
  Lionel Richie

Got a bit of an update for you all, i went to the dealer yesterday and they reckon its just condensation, but to be on the safe side i rang up Renault UK and reported it to the customer services department on 01923 895 000 so can you all ring up and report it, so hopefully if enough of us complain they might actually fix it!!!!

if youre engine is cutting out on you I would check the box that covers your ecu. Mine had actual;ly rubbed the insulating cover off the wires going into the ecu, and the car (quite rightly) kept cutting out. When I went to Renault they fixed it on the spot as the "IS A KNOWN FAULT" but not a big enough problem for a recall!

there is also an ecu softaware reprogram thingy that makes the cars less likely to stall all the time (ANOTHER known fault!)

Will check for mayo later, and I dont care what they say, if mine has it they are replacing every single fecking gasket in the engine as it shouldnt happen on a new car!:mad:

I am sceptical about the condensation explanation... I cant believe that the sheer quantity of mayonnaise that I have all round the oil cap cover and round the neck of the filler pipe could have been caused by condensation... And why then is there none of this condensation on any other cars?? My mums Toyota, no gunk. My dads Range Rover, no gunk. Even my mates Clio 1.2 8v, same age as mine and slightly higher mileage, no gunk...

Considering its happened on so many of the 1.2 16V, (in fact come to think of it, has anyone with this engine whos done over, say, 12000 miles actually NOT found whitey gunk???) Id say there must be something wrong. At the very least theres a poor seal somewhere to allow atmospheric condensation to occur... but Im still wondering about head gasket. Im thinking this is a reason to avoid a newly launched engine in future.

Its a badly designed rocker cover that normally causes it. On the fiesta it was a massive metal one right behind the grill so it kept quite cool and I used to get loads. A common fix for the fiesta was a kind of heat shield to actually deflect the heat back on to the rocker cover. It could be a problem if you get loads, I would contact renault. I havent got any in mine, but I do drive for 45mins to work and back each day so it has time to warm up. Thus proving my arguement. I thankyou!!!!

I still havent checked mine as its raining!

Im as worried as some of the others though, a mayonnaise colour usually means a blown head gasket, though i think i would of noticed..



it wasnt a hudge amountin mine and there is NO oil in the water system

so im not worried

plus i had been doing short journeys in the morning for about 3 months and its gone since i started driving to work

and there is a heck of alot of plastic on top of the rocker cover so the heat might no be getting through

Condensation can only happen if there was water inside the engine. Its a sealed thing that heats up to high temperatures how the fek can there be that much water in the engine??? no way I think its feked.

I got a couple of extra opinions from two more mechanics I know today, thats me now asked three different experienced motor mechanics, and they all said without exception your head gaskets blown. Its way beyond condensation and it hasnt evaporated off, even with a 150 mile motorway run I gave the car this evening. Plus, my journeys are not usually particularly short.

So Ive booked my car in to my Renault garage for next Tuesday. Im not going to accept being sent away with excuses. It is not normal on a car this new. I will keep all of you posted.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

well, now thats its been a nice day, ive given the motor a make over! and thought i best check this oil cap thing.........10400 miles.........NONE! not a single spec :D so i guess my first 1000 miles of running in, not going above 4000rpm paid off? I is a happy Clio owner lol

Well, I had none of this sh*te in my oil cap at 10k either, and I ran my car in probably more carefully than you, didnt exceed 3K RPM for 1500 miles... and look whats happened now, at 13K miles!!!! But maybe youll be lucky...
  H22A7 Accord Type R

lol......well i guess i shall just have to wait and see....and continue with the TLC lol!

Just checked mine its done 28,500 theres a small amount but im putting this down to the f**kwits at renault Manchester when they left my filler cap off after my 27,000 safety check!!!!!