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Warning lights

  Clio 172 & Fabia vRS
As i was driving back from my mates house on friday night i stopped at the traffic lights then all these warning lights decided to come one, SERV, Airgbag, ABS, traction control. Restarted the engine it was fine..

Then Yesterday same thing happened again but only SERV and Airbag light now they wont go off, the car has been serviced when i got it under 2 months ago soo just wandering if they havent reset it or if theres another problem? :dead:

  Clio 172 & Fabia vRS

Had todo a 350 mile round trip yesterday and on the way there the SERV and airbag light came back on, but halfway there it went off?..

im thinking some sort of dodgey sensor?
  Ph 1 172
underneath the drivers seat and passenger seat you will see cables that connect together smack bang in the middle of the seat. its just a crap connection. its a common fault and nothing to worry about. just wiggle all the cables around and it should go off mine does it quite a bit. hope that helps and if you need pics just let me know
  182 Cup
a had this problem n a mate told me to turn the engine off then turn the key 1 or 2 clicks round (cant remember which) then click to lock the car with the key. wait 5 seconds and click it again. start up and away u go. he says it resets it all and it did work after a few goes...