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Warranty invalid

Can anyone help me please- i have a mk2 172 and have done 5000 miles and was considering doing an oil change- however the renault dealership i spoke to about different oil grades claim that i may invalidate my warrantly if i do it myself- is this true?? has anyone else had this problem??

all help appreciated

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B#llSh1t mate utter B#llSh1t .

I was told when I phoned Renault a while back, as long as the car doesnt fcuk up due to the oil it is fine. Just buy a renault oil filter so they dont b**ch about it.
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I asked Renault uk and they said the warranty would not be affected. Send them an e-mail or ring them and find out for sure.
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Do it but make sure you use original Renault parts for the Oil Filter (£6 I think) and sealant ring. Put some Mobil 1 in too and Id like to see them prove that you changed the oil then!
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Even if you put green jelly into the car the monkeys at renault wouldnt notice any difference.

Small print : Dont put green jelly in your car, you may have some adverse results like engine seizer.

cheers for your help everyone- i am off to check around for prices on a 5w40 fully synthetic oil then- this is the right grade aint it? and will buy a renault oil filter aswell

thanks again for quick response
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG


Check out the other current topic on oil it will inform you of what oil and where to get it from, or ask BRUN as he will be on commission soon for recommending oil. LOL!

I used a Champion oil filter, which was different in size. Mines going in for a 12K service in 2 weeks. Hope they dont pull a fast one on me because of that. :p

Crossing fingers



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To be honest, I think that Clio owners would use a much better grade of oil than what the grabbing, cheapskate dealers would use in our cars!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Couldnt of said it better GirlRacer and also I like the fact I have no dents in my car cause I dont let the Renault grease monkeys touch it.

Its Mr Renault "Dealer" Grease monkey magic ripoff men that I dont trust - probably put sunflower oil in!!!

Id rather service the car myself - but I need that precious stamp cos its worth ££££££ :sick:

  172 sport,

dont know about you lot but i had to sign a bit of paper agreeing to get my car serviced at renaults to get the 3 year warrantee if i take it anyware else im back to a 1 year warrantee , did anyone else have to do this ???????