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Warranty Question

Just looking at a 172 sport I might buy and one thing that has come up is the fact that its an import

am i right in thinking that this means it would only have had 1 yrs warranty ?

also, how much, if any difference will this make from a resale point of view (the fact its an import, not the warranty)???

Mine originated from Holland and it has a 2 year warranty. There is a possibility that it might even turn into a 3 year one (watch this space) ...


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Mine also came from Holland but with a three year warranty. I think it is down to the dealer whether or not you get a third year. They all have to have at least two years wherever they come from.
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Do a search on this forum and all will be made clear or not). Renault will give you two years warranty on an import and then you send them registration docs, bill of ownership, utility bill and photocopy of first service stamp and they will give you another year.

Thus, 3 years warranty on an imported Clio 172

Anne Hurley at Renault UK informed me of this.