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Hello all,

I know this has been spoken about before, but there have been so many conflicting stories in the past that I thought I would ask.

My Clio 172(new shape) is a few weeks off being 1 year old, and the warranty running out.
The question is will Renault hand out an extra 2 years if I contact them?(Beg them).
If not who do you recommend to use to extend the warranty, and how much did it cost you?

Sorry if youve answered this many times before. :oops:



i heard all renaults havea 3 yr warrenty..or 2 at least....thats what we give (3yr)...and its not an additional payment.

i heard all renaults havea 3 yr warrenty..or 2 at least....thats what we give (3yr)...and its not an additional payment.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Contact Renault, send them the information they require and they will give you 3 years warranty (though you will get less than two). The documents they request are copied and sent to France and you should receive them back in 8 weeks confirming the three years warranty. I am still waiting for my documents and writen confirmation to come back, but I have several letters and e-mails informing me I have three years warranty. E-mail or phone them before you purchase an extended warranty. :D

I spoke to Renault yesterday about the 3 year warranty and any car bought after October 2000 is eligible for the 3 year warranty, this is what it states so you need to send off your documents so they can make sure that this is the case for you. Just as greeper said above.

I recently went into my local Renault garage in Nottingham, and was told I only had a 1 year warranty on my 172, because it was an import. However I wrote to Renault Customer Services last week and was phoned the other day. This is what I was told.

As an import it has a standard 2 year warranty, and as long as I send them the following...

1 A copy of the invoice for the car, proving date of sale.
2 A copy of my logbook.
3 A copy of the inside of my service book, showing dealer stamp.
4 A utility bill confirming address.

...then I will be given the full 3 year warranty at no extra charge.

I was also told there was no hurry in doing this, just so long as it was done by the end of the 2 year of warranty (obviously).