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Just wondered what the warrenty issues are with Clios.... I have a exhaust and induction on mine... or course I will take the induction off for a service but what will the exhaust do???


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....what will the exhaust do???....

Probably let the gases out of the end, or something like that!
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LOL @ Steve.

I would of thought, If a fault developed that was in a direct link with the part you fitted then the warranty is void otherwise I think you should be OK but maybe give Renault Customer Services a ring to clarify or phone another Renault Garage other than your usual one for advice.
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The only thing they might be able to link it to is the follow.

Filter and Exhaust = More air in, more air out.

Engine - Running lean - cause More are in, more air out, no more fuel to compensate.

Make sure you car isnt running lean otherwise you start to burn things out like valves etc in the engine. Just cover yourself before its to late.

Yeah I thought about that.... But I read about these new ECUs with OBD-II and they adjust the fueling because they check mixture for emmissions and running lean creates more emmissions.

But also I run it on optimax just to make sure.
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Yerr just ask yourself one question does the new ECU adjust itself that much to compensate, remember you have fitted an non standard, when the chip was design dont they have adjustments based on standard parts ? I am not 100% sure maybe someone else may throw some light on it.

Just dont want you to get stung by renault.

Nor do I.... but if something went wrong I would take it all off... But for servicing I was just going to take the induction off.

Ok while we are on this topic, what about lowering the thing... I want to drop it by 35mm sometime after christmas. Should not effect anything apart from the shocks right? But when they go I would get uprated ones anyway.
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The last service I had I just told em - DONT CHANGE THE AIR FILTER ITS A PIPERCROSS. So they didnt. Saves money too - whats the point of paying for new air filters that you dont need? Mine also has a Magnex exhaust (hard to miss it) and its lowered. No hassle from the dealer at all, but then again nothings gone wrong with it either.

As far as the ECU adapting to more air in - more air out therefore up fuellng...the problem is that when its running with wide open throttle it doesnt measure air pressure or flow it just uses a pre-fixed fuel map...this is why people who have filters/exhausts got to Nick Hill/Superchips for a revised fuelling map.

When i was talking to a renault dealer they said, when asked about filters and exhausts, that anything that affects the engine would void the warranty, including the exhaust as it puts more strain on the engine.....we all know its a load of crap, but for renault its a get out clause.


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Quote: Originally posted by wallisj on 12 November 2002

including the exhaust as it puts more strain on the engine.....we all know its a load of crap, but for renault its a get out clause.

Puts strain on the engine, Renault are a buch of t055er then. I suppose putting bigger wheels on a clio will strain the engine, drive shafts and steering rack as well, wonder what they would say to that ?

BTW not having a go at you J

I think I put enough strain on my car just with my normal driving LOL

Thats why if it went wrong I would take off the stuff...... But my car feels faster with the induction and exhaust... So it must be working. The ECU must measure stuff at full throttle or the car would not run right... ie if its -20 outside it will need to add more fuel eh?



mate i wouldnt worry if they moan go somewhere else or threaten to

im had 4 gearboxes cos i cant drive they never said shi*

plus loadsa drive shafts (5)

i had 17ins on my car (nicked)

they only thing they complained about was the fact that i put the locking wheel nut adaptor under my ice install it took 3hrs to get it out

Sorry ChavyBoy I have to disagree. Ill speak to give the Renault view as I am in charge of Clio in our Product department in the UK. We live in an ever more regulated car world - emmisions,noise levels, product liability and even forthcoming liabilities for recycling at end of life of vehicles. A car is highly complex interms of the legislation it must adhere to and surely it is reasonable that a company that has to warranty a product for 3 years will only want to provide that on the product that they have built in its entirety.

p.s. I dont think that Im a t**ser

So why do you offer these uprated parts from renault? You could make a packet if you offered tuning addons as a aftermarket sale!
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i am ringing my renault dealer tomorrow who i have just order my 1.2 16v dynamique with, i am going to request a copy of the warrenty terms and conditions and i will post it on here.

i was told by my dealer ~(lookers in chelmsford) that as long as the modifications were bolt on bolt off and not internall engine modifications the waranty was not affected. since fitting my exhaust and filter my gear box gave up the ghost (at just 8500 miles) with a splitt diff and cracked outer casing or something, they repaired the car and i got no bill!! unfortunately my gear box hasnt felt the same since and sticks changing down from 5th to 4th the car has now covered just 10895 miles but lookers wont do anything about it. also 5th gear now feels alot more to the right but renault wont change that either! my engine is also taping badly and the oil is a deep black colour but renault say its fine, i dissagree but i refuse to do an oilchange with my own money when it should be covered by the waranty so ill just wait for it to blow which i think will be soon! just to make it clear i never rag my car from cold and always let it get to full opperating temperature before driving it hard!