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Washed and polished showing off new mods:D(56k beware)

  Flame Red Delight

It was an averagely nice day today so i decided to wash and polish my car. Sorry for poor pics but i need some inspiration or a :Dmini meet :Dso i can get some really good pics of my car.











Im looking for another one at the moment

Should i put them on? They are a work in progress

Where do i go next i am struggling for inspiration ?
  Flame Red Delight
its been lowered 35 mm already mate and trying to get foglights is like trying to get a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow lol
  b/g 182, meg tourer
here are some idea's ;)

put the 172 lights in, with silvervisions.
colourcode bumpstrips
lower it
172 rep
different wheels
respray wheels
ph2 front and rear bumpers
fit standars wing mirrors
decide on a colour theme

looks tidy tho mate
  Flame Red Delight
i have only got 1 of the headlights so far trying to source the other one and i dont really want to spend loads of money i think i am going to colour code myself and it has already been lowered 35 mm

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
Im gonna have a driverside light going spare soon, its a bit yellowy but works fine, you can have a look when we meet and see what you think.


I'd paint those sidebadges again!!

Looks good mate, maybe get some 172 wheels and 60mm springs? Paint seems in really nice condition :)
  MK3 D.Sport, 2.0 HDI Van
your just down the road from me and ive never seen the car about!! madness, reminds me of my mk2, awww them there the days!
  Flame Red Delight
thanks everybody for the comments :D i have now got the 172 headlights and fog lights will get some pics up soon