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Washer Blank Dimensions

  172 Cup, Ibiza Cupra
Since my blanks went walkies I was wondering if anyone had the dimensions of the Cup blanks? Instead of lining Renaults pockets with £70+ i was going to make some out of Carbon Fibre or fibre glass if someone would be good enough to get me the sizes of them.


  172 Cup, Ibiza Cupra
Yeah, they are not willing to break the bumper at the moment. They want to sell it as a whole. I've called about 20 breakers!

I was just thinking that if I could get the sizes or even borrow some blanks I could make a template and then make some in carbon or resin. Get some nice blanks and have a template to make more and punt them on here if people wanted them. I wouldn't even charge half of what Renault wanted!
  DCi 100
I can get them for you later today.

Only thing is mine are carbon wrapped at the moment so are slightly out most probably.
  172 Cup, Ibiza Cupra
Cheers mate, they will only be a few mm out if they are wrapped, any help would be great though!
  DCi 100
You want pics with measurements or just written down?

I'm thinking pics of tape measure on each angle is best bet, easily understood then and you can draw a quick diagram on paper.
  DCi 100
Pictures will be in this thread about 2:30/3pm mate.

You want depth of the nipple at the back where the bolt screws onto aswell?
  172 Cup, Ibiza Cupra
Yeah cheers mate, as much info as you can give if possible. Again thanks for your help.
  DCi 100
Sorry about the delay,

Got these for now, I tried to get my hand through the arch to unattach one side but I didn't manage to, will get underneith and get it off if you really need the other side when I go to wash it in a mo.







  172 Cup, Ibiza Cupra
Thanks mate.. I'll have a bash at making some over the next few weeks. Appreciate the help and pics.