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Waste of £20k?

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  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451
he was/is a member on here, a very sad case of a misguided youth wasting STUPID cash.


ClioSport Club Member
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  Golf R
Jesus christ it doesnt look like £20,000 has been spent on it, i think hes plucking figures out of fresh air by the sound of things tbh.

It worries me that hes 27 and drives somthing like that. Still some people will like, its not to my taste!
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  09 GIXXER 750!!!
He should be arrested for crimes against a clio. Horrible car WTF was he thinking he should be sectioned. Starting bid £4500 I wouldnt give him £4.50 for it!!!
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  Bumder With A Buffer
repost after repost after repost ,lol thats been on here more times than the forum leader lol

Aye believe the guys name is hilly on here. there used to be updates every now and then though doesn't look like much has changed in the last year or so.
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  Clio 182 FF RB
hmmm is that wood covering the huaage hole in the middle of the rear bumper? :S the whole car confuses me!!
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  Megane Mk4
I pmsl at the fact he bought a Clio and made the front end look like a Corsa! hahahah!

It's not all that bad, I'd drive it.... Into the nearest scrap dealer, but even then I'd have to pay him to crush it, which would be most satisfying. :approve: