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We gone blue


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

We dont muck about here you know!!!! Wham bam thank you mam! :D

Everyone happy now or do we not like this colour?

Its diffeent, and thats kewl..

first reaction is AGH!!!!!!!!!!.. but.. on second thoughts... its kinda kewl..

yep !.. u got my vote !


And look at the CLASHES !! lol...

The best bit is, I can now legitimately ignore anything jilly writes in that horrible magenta colour because my eyes go f*cked when I try and read it...
  Clio 197

Hey this is really nice. I like blue. Sort of like my Willy. The car that is.

Just put new discs and pads on it today and rotated the tyres. Front to back. Hate it when it chunks down to the cords like that!



Its gonna be a nightmare Jas! All the buttons above the messages and the stars etc are all antialiased against white! Dont envy you that job m8!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i think its ok but would look better darker, and its a lot easier to read a dark forum at night
  Skoda Fabia vRS

after readin the forum for a few minutes this colour is starting to annoy me, its far too pale and blends in too much with the white, nothing stands out in the threads

we need willy blue !

I like the blue, good choice Jas and the new logo looks very smart indeed ! Blue looks much more classy and easier to read than the white.

You got my vote, the boards have been improved no end ! Now if only we had an autosignature then that would be mustard !

I preferred the white. Hang on, yellow might look good. Or red. Er, tell you what, change it just for me, then Ill complain about the new colour. Again.

Jas, if the background colour is a simple HTML tag then couldnt it be an option in each members profile so that they can specify what colour they want the board to be and it will show up as that colour on their screen ? Everyones a winner then !