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  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

Going to london this weekend for 2 months and have got to leave my month old MK2 172 behind so this week i have been driving it as much as possible, been reading the PGTI Magazine Pics and decided to give the car a good blast to see what it can really do. So i started it up and it was running cold and jumping all over the place like they do until about 0.5 mile, then it was ok so i drove it around town normally for a bit, headed out from town pushing it a little more to 30 every now and again, then go to the outskirts of town pushing it a little to 5,000rpm on the bypass then round the roundabout heading up onto the motorway, changed down into second approaching the turn off the roundabout, BAM!!! up to 6,500rpm through the gears and before i knew it i was about 0.5 a mile down the motorway reaching 85mph, WOW! what a car! (Hence i dont want to go to London).