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Weird alarm problem

Im having problems with meh factoryalarm, it keeps going off intermitantly I have disabled the ultrasonics when locking it but it still goes of like 30mins-1hr after. The manual says that a led will blink to indicate what caused the alarm, but im not sure if this is the led on the dash or the one down by the gearstick, the dash light just blinks like itusually does and the other goes out as soon as the car is opend. Anyone know how I can disarm the alarm until i can get it to a dealer

O its a 172 cup btw

  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Dont know why your alarm is going off but to help your Renault dealer when you take it in, please count the number of pulses from the LED by the gearshift when you open the car and turn on the ignition. You should see a repeating pattern. 1 flash (repeated) 2 flashes (repeated) or 3 flashes (repeated) There will be a noticeable gap between the group of flashes.

This info will help the alarm technician diagnose the problem.



so I have to turn on the ignition to get the lights to flash? will try anyway. Is it possible to disable the alarm, at the moment the car is unlocked :(

I had the same problem. Mine was 3 flashes - volumetric sensors. Took to renault, who lowered the sensitivity, but it still happened, so i just disable the interior protection.

This has raised another question, however!

The manual states that, when you disable the interior protection. that the alarm will sound 3 beeps when the alarm is armed. This is often the case, but quite frequently I get 4 beeps. Thought I was hearing thiings the first time, so paid more attention and it definately gives 4 beeps sometimes!

One other thing, before I had all the alarm problems, occasionally when I locked the car, I would get the 3 beeps, indicating that the interior protection had been disabled. i mentioned this to the Renault technician, who said that this indicates that the interior sensors were faulty, but then only reduced their sensitivity and got me to try that!!!



DONT start the ignition. The led by the gearstick will flash (which could be up to 7 flashes - depending on the problem!) until you start the ignition!!!

1 flash = doors, bonnet, boot opened

2 flash = additional sensor triggered

3 flash = volumetric sensors

4 flash = attempts to start / ignition key

There is nothing listed for 5 flashes - doesnt even mention 5 flashes!!

6 flash = tamper mode

7 flash = serial line comms. error

If you start the ignition, you wont know what the problem is!


Yer thats what the manual says, but as soon as i unlocked the car the light went out and did not flash?

My cup is exactly the same.....alarm goes off after 30 mins maybe sooner...always gives four beeps afterwards.....volumetric sensors disabled. have resorted to locking doors manually..but how can you lock the boot?