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Weird steering feeling under braking

Done around 1100 miles in my car now, all is going great but there is one thign bothering me. When I brake to come to junctions the front tyres go left and then right as if they have too much air in them and they are bouncing around, it seems like I am fighting the car to keep it straight, any ideas on what this is ? Is this normal ?

Does it do it at all junctions (i.e. is it tramlining)? They seem to be quite prone to following undulations in the road, especially under braking.

Does the steering and/or brake pedal vibrate when braking from higher speeds (i.e. possible warped brake disc) ?

That is what it seems to do, it seems to follow the undulations in the road, is this normal on most 172s ?

I dont think it is a warped disc as it moves either side, not just one side.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Petes you have a point, if it is at a junction there are going to be grooves in the road due to other cars stopping there and the tarmac wearing down and as the 172 is prone to tramlining I have to agree with you m8.
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Most cars with wide/lowprofile tyres will tramline to some point. There is an uphill section of the M6 nr me and you can physically see the undulatiuons left in lane 1 made by Hgvs crawling up the hill. Every time i move into this lane to leave the motorway the car literally swerves all over the road.

Like others have said road juntions, crossroads etc.. will all provoke tramlining in the 172.


Also Dia,

Not to worry u or anything but if u brake hard from hgh speed even on something as smooth as a cricket green the car may start to boat around a bit (well a bit to a lot, depends on how stupid ur being)

Mite wanna read the thread "HELP How to brake properly?"