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My J reg Clio 16V doesnt have the 16V symbol next to the indicator. I know the earlier models (L reg on) had them on the bump strips. And the J & K reg had them on the indicator surround.

My car hasnt got them on either. Is my car a freak?!?!?!

Please dont make fun of her!! Its really weird though. I dont know if anyone elses valver hasnt got them. Im gonna feel a bit of a weirdo driving home tonight Ive got a third nipple of something!!
  7.6cc :D

Do you have a third nipple?.........i reckon you have being as you bought the subject up hehehehehe *only joking, please dont take offence*

I dont have a third nipple no! But Mr Skalamanga out of James Bond has got a third nipple and apparently its a sign of sexual maybe I should say I have!!

phase 1s dont have them anywhere except the tail gate, mine hasnt got them either and i prefer it that way i have grown out of badges and stickers, and took the time to de-badge the boot as well. looks smoother more modern and more subtle, IMO
  BMW 320d Sport

Dont know about the earliest ones but Im sure a couple of years into production with the Phase 1s they had the indicator surround on them. But I took mine off anyway, more stealthy like that.