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well annoyed!!

  silver valver/hybrid

im well cheesed of today, parked on a friends driveway in wolverhampton, only for about half an hour or so, and someones knicked two of my centre caps. they will lose their caps if i cop hold of them!!

Nasty. Makes me glad i live in Saffron Walden (middle of nothingness).

Unfortunately i do work in luton though (crime central)
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I left my last car in Town one night and 2 of the fukers had gone later on.

Thats the only problem with phase 2 rims. The caps come off so easily and are a fortune to replace. So everyone nicks em!

I think one set used to go round all the cars in my area! A week each or something!


  Shiny red R32

If they are easy to steal, why not remove them yourself if you are parking in a dodgy area?

unlucky mate, when i bought my valver i had a couple of spare centres just incase....i never leave it parked anywhere to be honsest, i dont trust anyone!!;)

The same S*@T happened to me too! Lucky i kept a spare set from my old clio! However now i have odd coloured ones as the R19 and 16v Phase2 had slightly different coloured caps! So now i have 2 silver and 2 grey! Will make it easy for me spot who nicked them as they took 2 odd coloured ones! Next year come some 16s or 17s though!