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West Coast Scotland trip

  Honda ATR
Hey folks been wanting to do a trip around the west coast of Scotland for ages now, just putting the feelers out to see if anybody would fancy joining me???? was thinking the week after chrimbo, weather dependant of course!!!
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I live up that way in a town called West Kilbride, my Clio is extra fast cause it is parked so near Hunterston nuclear power station when it sleeps at night, you shuld see the things that baby can so when it hits 888...unfortunately I'll be on holidays in Germany week after Xmas!!
  Corsa looking at 172
I live in eastkilbride but can come over to meet a few of you asking as you don't laugh at the corsa lol
I've just been on the west coast for a week, I can thoroughly recommend the A828 between Connel (just north of Oban) and Ballachulish (just south of Fort William) It's got bends, straights, dips and dives ... everything ... it's great in both directions too (i.e. going north, or south). Just watch out for stray sheep in the road ... oh and the odd golden eagle too!