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Western Digital Elements multimedia drive


ClioSport Club Member
  Octavia vRS
This one:

Anybody had any experiences with it? As lazy as it sounds, I can't really be bothered anymore with hooking my external HD up to my Mac then hooking that up to the TV, just to watch the lastet episode of whatever I'm watching. So I fancy a more permanent solution, and this seems to fit the bill. MKV playback as well which appeals, as I don't really want to convert GBs of video into mp4 format or whatever.

So yeah, any thoughts on this?

I've got the Live Hub. It has network connectivity too so you can also stream to it from a PC or from it if you want to watch something on a laptop elsewhere in the house.

They're a great bit of kit, and simple enough that my mother in law (babysits for my kids) and wife can stick a film on too.