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Weybridge Renault

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

Has anyone used Weybridge Renault dealership for work? I have a long outstanding list of work to be done on my 172, and am currently working in London, thinking of taking the car there?

Bought my clio from Weybridge in September, no real problems, Ivan who is chief mechanic, is great, even spent time checking out lowering issues with warranty etc,

Smc in woking ok although, they over quoted me by almost £700 when getting quotes for some bodywork after car was vandalised.

Have found myself a nice little bodyshop in Barnet who take care of my car and are not satisfied till its perfect, would never dream of taking it back to Renault again!!

been to weybridge twice, if your prepared to be talked down to and generally treated like u aint gotta clue what ur on about and a piece of crap then go to weybridge, never been back after the second time i felt they were takin the piss, so now i go to woking, smc, aint had any problems at all, they actually listened to me when i took my car there with its gearbox problem, weybridge said there was nothin rong with it and it was shaking just because of torque whereas woking found the problem immediately and had it booked in the next week for replacement parts

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

looks like its Woking then lads, thanks for that. According to the AA route planner its 20 mins dwon the M25 from Staines massive. AYYYEEEE...