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What’s the highest revs you’ve had in 5th

  CTR EK9 turbo

Ive managed 6500 rpm following a Nissan Pulsar GTiR for ages (private runway of course) i couldnt get it any higher (drag too high on a hatch back)
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

I had over 7k in my 19 16v on the M3 once.

Reset the computer in the middle of it and it was returning 7mpg.


Had the shift light come on in 5th on a Belgian Auto-route in my standard mk2 172.
The speedo was reading 145mph+ & the bonnet was shaking, so I decided to back off!
Has anyone beat that for a max speed run? At the time I had 3 people in the car & all their luggage.


Yeh 6900rpm in mine is a nats whisker under 150mph. Bloody scary doing that kind of speed in a Clio i can tell you (especially on a private road, nudge nudge).


about 7500 rpm in 1.8 144mph

hit limiter on 2ltr 6900rpm (i think) got almost 150mph going down a hill other wise about 143mph on flat tarmac

when engine was running in that is, may be a bit more now?? worth getting the willy engine lightend and balanced could easily hit 150mph then