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What’s the opinion on BB Performance Tuning

Hallo from the new boy!

I was just wandering if anyone had had any experience with BB Performance tuning?
Theyre known for doing the R5 Turbos but Ive never heard anything about the quality of their work on non-turbo cars.

Anyone been there / done that?


Hi ive been to bb and all i can say is they r friendly helpful and they know there stuff and as far as the quality of work u cant question the years of work they have done on r5s and they are local to me so thats even better


hello GirlRacer - Im not gonna ask how you afford a 172 *and* a 5turbo...
What with them being so reliable and all that... ;-P

night.icon - the girlfriends over in Hedingham way, so weve probably seen you around sometime! Seen the tasty blue 16valver thats on the floor with neons and 17s that cruises round Halstead? Mmmm, yes please!

Trying to persuade the girlfriend to let me take it to BB - only £70 for an hour on the rollers plus power-run. )

u may of been the white 16v that i met in marks farm tescos a while back !!!
possible the same white 16v that i told about cliosport !!!!
yes thas me the same naples red p2 valver with no boot space !!!


  Shiny red R32

White 16valver, I am probably a bit older than you and having a husband with a good job helps. But I have to say that he would have preferred me to get a Mini Cooper to the 172 as for one thing he thinks the seating is far too high.
  BMW 320d Sport

Well Ben R would seeing as thats closer to him...

BB and K-Tec are both respected 5 tuners and both have moved over to doing Clios. Plus Cliosport members get a discount with both.