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what a crap job.

Ive just done my 1st job on my new Clio 16v......Ive changed the alternator. God what a sh#t job to do.
I must admit I didnt have a Haynes manual.

Yeah, I did this on mine before i got the haynes manual, then afterwards i realised that the support bracket unbolts and makes the job a whole lot easier!


Im getting a Haynes manual today, but I did take the support brackets off and its still a crap job.
afterwards I was saying Ill sell the car as it seems to hard to do any job, but now looking back if its one of the harder jobs I might keep it and get a Hillpower stage 1 kit...????

na, its not an engine out jobbie, but at one stage I was thinking about taking the Rad out. Then I saw that if you take the supporting brackets off it might come out...and it did.