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What a shame the 197 hadnt looked like this instead....

  Nissan 350Z

If it had looked like this i would have probably wanted one!

agreed, i have sat in one at local dealers, really unsure, if it had been as above other than the dash it would have been my next car, the under car diffuser on the 197 looks cheap, had expected to buy one on sight but walked away really unsure and thinking of keeping the 182 a year or buying a bmw
  Scirocco GT 210
Those are the concept pics which we all saw about a year ago :D

Yes, it is a shame it didn't look like that... and had more power.
The interior was never going to make production really.

I do like the satin chrome diffuser though, that would be a nice carry over for a Cup perhaps.
Am I missing something or bar the interior (which was obviously never going to make it into production) is that not more or less what the 197 turned out like???
looks jus like the actuall 197 in my eyes, i think i actually prefer the look of the current 197!!


I think the silver diffuser is going to be an option, sure someone said that. tbh, as others said, its fairly close to the concept.