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what alloys do i get


  EV (s)

ok i have a renaultsport clio 75 (lol 1.216v)

i need alloys the 14s are getting on my nerves

ok this may help

i drive my car VERY hard

i like acceleration

but i dont know what size to get, what offers the best balance of looks and performance.

any tips/suggestions?




  EV (s)

ok but they dont do anything i like

i dont want white wheels or saxo cup ones

can you get superleggras in 14

Silver car... go for anthracite definately ... looks mint.

If i had a red, blue, silver car i would definately go for anthracite!


Ive got a black car but i went for anthracite anyway :D

15s your looking around the £500 mark

May be more expensive than normal wheels but Speedline are one of the best quality wheels out there :)

Lose speed but if your not bothered about that then fair enough!

Depends what your interests are.... styling or performance.

Personally 15s are perfect IMO!
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

I went for 15" TSW Imolas (similar to the V6 wheels but without the nuts showing) on my silver 1.4 16V. They might be a bit heavy but I like em and with a dropped car (which Im seriously considering) they look very good

i would probably go for 15" too. Also if you drive hard then tyre changes will be happening often. 15" tyres will save you money over 16". is your car lowered?? cos if your going for bigger wheels then you need to lower the car too, i also feel this gives the impression your wheels are bigger too.......



  EV (s)

well its a bit cheeky but i thought that when we are at brands hatch we could do it then?

i will get the springs

we could take photos and put them up on the site like a guide?

might be cool? yes? no?

(plus i have no idea how to do it)

i dont think it would be the best idea. Yeah the guide idea is good but you need special equipment to compress the spings that you take off the front shocks. Also does your car have springs or a torsion bar on the rear??



  EV (s)

dunno the car has springs at the rear i think

its a 2001 clio

what tools do you need?

on the back?? i dont know anything about the new shape clio, mine is the old torsion bar styley!!

K that makes it a little easier but you still need to jack the car up etc..........has anyone offered to help you with this?? Its not that its a really hard job to do but probably far easier in a workshop with the proper equipment rather than in the car park at brands.............

  Skoda Fabia vRS

i wouldnt get 15" on one of the new shape clios, would look too small

get 17" superleggeras, they probably weigh as much as normal 15s

ive had hold of the 15" versions an there light as F**K


  EV (s)

oh ok 17" it is then

any idea where i can get cheapish 17" superleggys + tyres (silver)
  Skoda Fabia vRS

K-Tec are quite cheap on OZ wheels

ask someone else about the scrubbin first, im not 100% sure, i dont think they would though

Ive just taken the anthracite 16s off my 16v and swapped them for the original Phase 2 Speedline Vega wheels that came on the phase 2s.

The anthracite looked really hard and cool, but as time goes on aftermarket wheels can look naff...
  BMW 320d Sport

Tom its gotta be 15" Speedline or Cromadora (if you wanna stick with the Renault look), then slam it. What about an old set of the OZ 15s that went on the Mk1 172s? Someone must have a set theyre getting rid of for a couple of hundred quid?