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  1. L

    Clio MK4 Passion alloys on 172?

    Has any body attempted this? I'm interested in doing this alloy swap, but as I don't really understand ET measurement I'm unsure if.. 1. It's possible at all.. 2. Possible but wheels will be tucked in or protruding the wheel arch. I'm not Interested in performance, these alloys aren't that...
  2. twill92

    Clio wheel help?!?!

    I got a set of seat arosa wheels dirt cheap, they’ve got loads of tread and hold air (the current wheels on my Clio suffer from both of these). They’re 4x100 but don’t seem to fit at all, is this the case? Or do I need new bolts to fit these wheels?
  3. J

    What alloy wheels and tyres will fit a Renault Clio MKIII 2006 5 Door Hatchback?

    Hey, I am new to cars and how to modify them so will need some help from you guys. As the title suggests, I am looking to upgrade the wheels; specifically the tyres and rims on my car, however, I am not sure what I should be looking for and where? Are there any good websites that sell wheels...
  4. Cerrone

    Paint code for cup alloys

    Afternoon I’m after some help/advice I’m looking at getting my alloys refurbished to factory colour. Iv tried this before a while ago but got the wrong paint code and they turned out different so I wasn’t happy with them. Yesterday I rang Renault Wolverhampton and the parts chap I was talking...
  5. Chris172!

    Best place to order Brembo HC discs and DS2500 pads

    Hi, I’ve tried searching the forums but can only find info from 2011. I’m trying to get my 172 ready for a track day in March but am struggling to find a good deal on front discs and pads. Also looking for a Whiteline rear Anti-Roll Bar if anyone is selling one? Also after a set of 15” alloys to...
  6. W

    Wheel studs - how much thread is needed?

    Long story... but I've picked up some secondhand alloys for the missus' car from another car from the same manufacturer. PCD, Centre Bore, Offset are all identical. BUT... Upon trial fitment, the nuts seem to have less thread to screw on to - it is like the replacement alloys are 'fatter' in...
  7. MrBlonde

    What are these wheels?

    What wheels are these,the ones on the front?.i can see there OZ.
  8. MrBlonde

    Is this spec true?.Evo mag

    Ive Been reading an old copy of Evo Magazine with the article about the 206Gti Vs 172 Cup. When reading both specs it says that the cup came with 195/40/15 tyres and 6.5 width??
  9. T

    Clio 182 centre cap removal

    Hi guys, I've just got my hands on a 182 with both cup packs and I'm trying to remove the centre caps on the alloys to see if I have locking wheel nuts or not. The previous owner said there wasn't any fitted so want to make sure. Only problem is I can't seem to get the centre caps off? There's...
  10. R

    Alloy wheel paint

    Hey guys. To cut a long story short I'm looking to change the colour of my mk3 alloys. Any advice on where to get it done or a rough estimate? Thanks
  11. R

    6j x 15 tyre choices?

    Hi guys, gonna need some new tyres in a bit, what size should I go for on the standard 15" alium alloys? As far as I know they come standard with 185/55r15 but i've heard some use 190 or 195 sections and anywhere from 45 to 55 walls. Which is best fitting and performance wise?
  12. G

    first cars a clio

    Popping in to say alright guys, just got my first car... 1.2 dynamique does no one post in the car parts section? Looking for alloys ?
  13. cod3oz

    Lowering and new alloys

    So after reading through endless threads on this subject and wanting to avoid posting yet another thread on this..ive had to give up and ask for advice ... i now know that for any real effect im going to have to lower my car 60mm and for that im going to need coilovers as 40mm is the limit for...
  14. Wakey182

    Best tyre size for my standard 172 mk2 alloys?

    Please can some one advise on the ab over as I ve seen people fitting 195's 205's and I'm a bit confused with it all. Any help would be great. Cheers
  15. The Norwegian

    Diamond cut alloys

    Is G101 ok on diamond cut alloys. Significantly watered down ratio wise (20:1) obviously.
  16. Cropper

    What colour alloys for 200 (photoshop request)

    Hi guys, I suck at photoshopping in general! I am thinking of getting my alloys refurbed but I might go something nobody has type of thing. Any input is welcome, and could anybody photoshop them pink in this picture? Haven't got any good pics as my phone decided it didn't want too keep them..
  17. W

    Advice on alloys?

    I'm completely new to all this so I’m sorry for my lack of basic knowledge, I’ve got a 2004 clio very basic and I’m thinking of fitting these alloy wheels on the car, i think I've got the right size, the one's I’m thinking of buying are 5.5x14, just wondering if they are easy enough to fit...
  18. dann2707

    Recommend me a wheel brush for team dynamics / multispoke alloys please

    As above really :P Want to really look after these so links would be great. Thank you
  19. N

    182 alloys bright green

    Could someone kindly photoshop me a titanium 182 with standard 182 alloys but in bright green and orange please Also.opinions on this look?
  20. G

    Are these oz f1 alloys.

    Just bought these for my track car stamped oz. They are 16 inch and look just like the ph1 oz f1 15inch that come on them. Bought these for 70 quid today and fitted my Clio prefect. Did they make oz f1s in 16 inch for the Clio sports. Or are these different
  21. Jimbob 2705

    Thoughts on these alloys...

    Remembered I've got these alloys in the garage, so decided I'd photoshop them onto a 182 to see what it looked like : Slight issue is that I'll need spacers as they haven't got much offset (ET49 I think), and also the bore will need enlarging slightly - But I suppose I guess it a way to have...
  22. kieranadams97

    Polishing and Sealing Re-furbed Alloys

    I have just DIY re-furbed my 182 alloys, I used all Halfords paint and lacquer. How long do I need to wait before polishing and sealing? It's been a week since I sprayed the last coat of lacquer. Cheers.
  23. K

    surface scuffs on alloys.

    Got some light surface marks on the spokes of my alloys i was going to have a look at the weekend, was thinking of giving my poorboys SSR2.5 a go as they are literally only surface and then seal them over any ideas?
  24. Cropper

    Megane 17" alloys on a Clio

    Hi guys, I've always liked the Megane 17" multi spoked alloys and was wondering if I picked a set up would they fit on my Clio 200? Cheers
  25. C

    182 alloys and tyres

    Somehow I have managed to damage one of my front driver side alloys. So I need to replace them. I'm looking to replacement with a darker variation of the 182 alloys. As I'll be mostly likely getting them without the tyres, what's the best size tyres to get with the alloys that are compatible...
  26. Jimbob 2705

    W752 WTR Hereford - Silver Ph1 172, Orange Alloys

    Just saw this today in Hereford, Sparco front seats and possibly stripped out
  27. JP83

    Dynamique 15" alloys for track

    I picked up a set of dynamique alloys cheap and am hoping they'll be ok for track. I measured them across and they appear to be 7" from edge to edge, so I'm guessing they're a 6.5j?
  28. R

    What alloys are these??

    Anyone know what they name of these alloys are? been looking for ages for them.
  29. Supernova

    Brembo callipers with standard 182 alloys

    Hi, Can anyone help to wither you can fit clio 197 brembo callipers with brackets to a clio 182 and still use the standard 16" clio 182 alloys without spacers or are spacers needed ? And if so whats the minimum size of spacers you can get away with ? Thanks
  30. A

    Need ALLOYS

    Right i got my first car, Clio MK3 extreme, its already got blacked out windows, next I want new alloys, but i wanted to keep it Renault, so i want the alloys in the link i attracted, but i can't find them anywhere, if you guys know anywhere/anyone, that would be great, then I want to spray them...