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What amp wiring kit do i need? .. Specs..

  R5 GTT EFI Clio.
Just wondering what wiring kit i need for my audio set up.

Here is the head unit i am using..


Here is the amp i will be using...

and here is the sub...

Would this amp wiring kit be ok to use?

I noticed in the Ebay description is says 480 watt max, and on the amp description it says Max Power: 1x400w so i guess this is ok?

I dont know/understand how you know what one you need as there are loads.

Thanks, Nick.
  LY R26
thats more of a stereo amp, not a monoblock i.e for subs

wiring is ok, im guessing from the pics its 8guage? any more power and you should go to 4 guage
  R5 GTT EFI Clio.
see that means nothing to me?

i was told that is the perfect amp for that sub by a couple of members?
Shal i buy that wiring kit or not?
The amp is only for the sub hence it being small :)
  Nimbus 197, Ph1 172
The amps ok, but if your only running one sub, you're better off with a Monoblock, which just has one channel. The amp you've listed has two channels, which means you'd have to bridge them into one channel to get the most out of it, which is'nt as efficient. I recently sold my Alpine V12 monoblock amp and V12 sub which was the best ive ever used.
Its the RMS power values you want to look at and try to match, not the max values :)

As your powering a sub, you only need one channel. So the amp you've shown you would bridge the two channels to create one. Which would be supplying 200w RMS Power to the sub.

That's completely fine. A monoblock amp only has one channel, so can only power subs.

Re. wiring kit that looks okay. If not you can get a Vibe 8 Gauge wiring kit from Halfords for £20 new.
  R5 GTT EFI Clio.
Ah right, how do you bridge it? i guess you got 2 pairs, 2 positives and 2 negatives, so to bridge itm the 1 positive would go on the positive on the left hand pair, and the negative would go on the 2nd pair negative?

Im guessing there.

So now that i know that the amp i listed is going to be ok, will that wiring kit be ok? if it will be ok to use with the sub and amp i listed i will but the wiring kit now before i go out.

Thanks for all your help.
  R5 GTT EFI Clio.
Okay they look perfect tbh after reading the write up for all that, only thing being, on the monoblock, were is the terminal for the red and white leades from the head unit as i cant see it on the pic?