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What amp


ClioSport Club Member

I just got a new Mutant NW1250x (Thanks Mike172sport)
Anyway im after an amp to power it or possibly 2 as i might get a second, Its 500w RMS and 1000W max power,
Anyone recommend a decent amp that would power it or one that would power 2 of these.
  Polo + Micra

well you are really supposed to get an amp that has a slightly higher rating than the sub.
  Polo + Micra

yes if it is 500wRMS @ 2 ohms it will only do about 250wRMS in to 4 ohms(that sub is 4 ohms)

that amp only does 300wRMS into 4 ohms
[Edited by Dink on 4/23/2005 7:56:37 PM]
  Polo + Micra

well the amp output depends on the load(the sub).

the jbl one i posted above will put 424wRms into one sub