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what are these alloys and whatsize

i dunno there a bit cheesy (no offence to anyone if u own them) but ive seen better on here some one posted some pics of a 172 with a K-tec exsaust and some new 17s on ..look well trim!
  Clio Gtt

Quote: Originally posted by vtrman99 on 26 January 2003

i know i want sum 5 spokes and in 17 but just cant decided what to get !! its a wheely hard choice
lol good pun
  Clio v6

Quote: Originally posted by geordiepaul on 26 January 2003

Cant say I particularly like them in any size! Too big a gap between spokes.
Some brake discs to fill it up may look better.

my local dealer has a black megane convertable with these on and it looks the doggys b****cks(apart from unpainted brake calipers),but they are labelled "speedy wheels" ?