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What Can I Do

  Skoda Fabia vRS

right, im always after more power, and i know your all gonna say buy a 16v, well, id love to, theres some bargains in the Auto Trader at the moment

the thing is, my 1.4RT is my first car, and im obsessed with it, i just couldnt let it go to someone else, i love it to bits

is anyone else really obsessed with there car, and couldnt bear to sell it ?

ive been thinkin of gettin Nick @ Hill Power to do somethin to my engine, but for the money it would cost i could buy a 16v with a lot of change left over after sellin my car

also been thinkin of an engine conversion, but again they cost a lot and still wont come to the power of a 16v, or have the upgrade options available
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Couldnt you get a 1.8 8v lump and throw that in? Not as expensive or complex as a valver engine and would still give you a good power increase and a basis for further mods... Just a thought.

why dont you just slap on some N20 in the meantime.....?

nowhere near as fiddly as a transplant...and whi want to use publick transport in this weather!?

Isnt there a 1.8 8v lump from a 1.8 RT for sale in the For Sale section? Its a low-tune 95bhp variant, but has decent torque (105lb/ft) at low revs. Could make a nice, relaxing car.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i think you might be along the right lines guys, im so obsessed with my car that i really couldnt bear to part with it, it would bring tears to my eyes !

ive just fished out my Hill Power price list and what do you all think about going for the modified cylinder head ?

am i right in thinking the bottom end of a car can last ages ? possibly 200,000 ?

the thing is ive replaced a lot of things, and looked after my engine since i got it, regular oil changes an fresh plugs etc, so i think it might be in decent condition, and i shouldnt have to replace many things

so in theory, if i got a fully rebuilt head, then my car should last a good while longer if maintained

what do you all think ?

an its a lot cheaper than an engine conversion, and could yield up to 15bhp