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What Car

Sorry guys! Anyway, heres their verdict (slightly edited):

Both cars are huge fun. Cup is more entertaining to drive and cheaper. However, ride is too firm and lack of soundproofing makes it frustrating to live with day in, day out. It also falls on safety side. Omission of traction control is understandable but absence of ABS is not.

Cooper takes the laurels as an all-round package. Not as quick as the Cup, but is easier to live with thanks to its refined drive and more supple ride. We reckon its worth the 6 month waiting list.

Cooper **** Cup ***
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Strange really, these 2 cars are in different price brackets anyway, so its understandable that the Mini would have more toys and be a bit more refined. Cooper S is about the same price as a normal 172 isnt it? I wonder why they didnt compare with that instead of the Cup?

172 has been compared with the S several times in the past in other magazines. Best one was EVOs around June?? Both cars got excellent reviews overall and I think the Cooper S just edged it at the verdict.

The cooper s only won in evo due to the toys AGAIN !

We all need to remeber that the CUP is around 3K cheaper ! For the 3k difference we all know that the CUP would kill any mini. 3k will buy some serious mods. The Mini is fat and too many "I want to be cool" people drive them.

The CUP is for people that are serious drivers and not ones that just want to "look good"

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Well Ive been on both now, and both cars are great.

To me the the cars characters are as follows

Clio - Slightly more practical, with a slightly more mature feel to it as if its the current champ hothatch. More traditional

Cooper S - The new kid on the block who doesnt follow the rules. cheeky. Slightly less practical. New Trends

I think both cars are excellent but they are aimed at different people in the same market.
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

I quote the last line of the evo test with the cooper s, focus rs and the scooby

"a moral victory for the cup then."

I was comparing the article about the standard 172 vs MCS not against the Cup. MINI comes with phuck all toys as standard, you have to add them on as extras. I think the MINI is a bit of a look at me fashion statement and I will agree that a lot of people who drive them are 30 something women with a rich husband and that they only by the car as it is like buying a new Gucci handbag if you get my drift. In 12 months time it will be something else. It is not exactly aimed at young boy racers (hence the price tag) by that I mean 18-22 sort of age bracket. It just so happens that along with all the fashion statement and retro that it also is an excellent drivers car. I dont class myself as a boy racer........maybe I am a fashion victim after all?

I saw a 75 year old woman driving a Cooper S yesterday, if I owned one I think I would have sold it after seeing that......


  Audi TT Stronic

Yes, the minis are brill, costing more to own second hand than they do new !!

Minis aint bad.... problem is you can pick up a 172 for 12k.... so either 15850(chilli pack) for a mini or Clio 172 for 12000 You could spend the other 3k on mods

CSB, I hate minis and always have so I would never own one and someone who pays £1000 more for 2nd hand than new has issues IMHO......

I think that the vast majority of mini drivers would not even contemplate a 172 because performance isnt their bag baby. After all it is for hairdressers isnt it? That doesnt apply to myself though as I did consider a 172 and like it a lot but instead opted for a 19 grand mini, soon to be a 21 grand mini. If I was on a tight budget then I am sure that a 172 would be my chariot at the moment.

I dunno if it is a hairdressers car, is a hairdresser that well paid then because £21000 ! My god man, are you insane ! Just think of the cars you could get for that price ! The mini may be good but £21000 good ? I dunno whether to laugh or cry I gotta admit. Each to their own I suppose and this topic has been done to death I know but I just fail to see the attraction of the mini that is all, even the old ones.

To say that the 172 would only be chosen if someone is on a tight budget is a bit naive...... if I had £20000 to spend on a car then I would still buy a 172 and use the rest to do whatever I wanted to it.

21 grand ouch.if its for 210hp then OUCH if its for 250 it will be SWEET (Montoyas spec).. v.close to "super hatch" prices.... i think 147GTA, S3, R32 are only a couple away from there.

21 grand for 212bhp and better performance than the Focus RS and similar money. Getting it more for individuality. On a day to day basis I wouldnt even use the power but it is nice to know that it is there. What else could I get for 21 grand I ask?? An Impreza STI? An Evo 6, a TVR? The list goes on but you try insuring one of the above at 21.

Daipac, I think you have twisted my statement about 172s are for people on a tight budget. I did quite clearly say that if I was on a tight budget then I would have gone for a 172.
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Evo have a long termer Cooper S. It has the 17" wheels, air con and a lot of other goodies that I think most people will stick on the car. All the road tests I have seen on the Cooper S Have been for the basic car. It will be interesting to see how it compares. Since taking stuff off the Clio made it quicker so surely sticking stuff on will make a Cooper S slower!! 0-60 in around 10 secs I reckon!!! ;)

None of the one I have seen tested have been basic!!! If you look at the articles it usually says "price as tested" and the gay blue one which has been used for a lot of mag tests (Evo being one of them) gives it at about 17 grand. Really basic.

BMW quote 0-60 in 6.9 and to 62 in 7.4 for the Cooper S. I am still yet to see a magazine test it and to get 6.9 0-60 dash. The best time I have seen it Top Gear test it at 7.1 seconds to 62.
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

I have that issue of Top Gear with me (always have a few mags at work for reference) Now the car they tested had no optional extras no air conn (you can tell by looking at the pic of the dash) Same in Autocar and Same in Evo!!! Not sure about other mags as I dont but any others

Those 0-60 times in Top gear were driven off a cliff!!! ;)

Lets end this stupid discussion shall we. We will end up going backward and forwards all day long fighting our corner for our beloved cars. I come on this forum as it is interesting and have some good discussions. I even met 2 members of this forum and went out for a blast. If thats not putting my money where my mouth is then I dont know what is.
  Renaultsport Clio 200 Cup

Ill back you up CS-Boy... your input is always welcome, its just a bit of bravado and banter after all... ;)

What ever happened to that Cooper-S/CTR/172 showdown meet at Santa Pod? I think thatd be a great day out for everyone.
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Dont suppose you have the new Evo? It has COTY, wanted to know which cars were up for it!!! Cant find the damn thing anywhere!!!

Zonda comes first, Ferrari 575 2nd or 3rd cant remeber which, Cooper S 4th.

There is talk of a meet early next year at Santa Pod I think. Good day out for all like you say. I fancy coming down for a pop. Never done quarter mileing or anything like that before so will be an experience.

Results of PCOTY in latest Evo from top drawer!!

1st - Pagini Zonda

2nd - 575M Maranello

3rd - SL55 AMG

4th - Cooper S

5th - EVO V11 FQ 300

6th - Focus RS

7th - Impreza STI

8th Lambo Murcielago

9th - Alfa 156 GTA

10th - Audi RS6

11th - Elise

12th - Boxter

13th - Maserati Coupe

14th - Honda NSX

15th - Seat Leon Cupra R

16th - Clio Cup

17th - Jag S-type R

18th - Caterham

19th - Bentley Arnage

20th - MG TF 160

sh*t........Dropped one, the above are the results of Car magazines PCOTY not Evos. Would be interesting to see how EVO compare.