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What do people make of this

I think Ive heard of one guy who got this, and it turned out to be a resistor, just to fool the air temperature sensor that the air is colder than it is.



Me nither just like that sodding electric supercharger and a twinturbo zet!!

But a shark fin..................

This is purely a guess, but if the engine was being told it had more cold air comming in than actually was, would it make the fuel richer? We all know that colder (denser) air is better, and makes the engine run a bit better, and a bit quicker, but does the engine achieve this by dumping more fuel into itself? quid pro quo creating more acceleration.

So is hotter air bad for combustion and so more fuel being pumped in would not give any advantage, and thus its backed off a bit. But when there is plenty of cold air it is cranked up a bit because cold air is good for combustion?

So if the engine is being told it has cold air, when it actually has warm, then maybe it will dump more fuel in. Probably do nothing but ruin your fuel bill and leave residue in the exhaust.

I have no idea about this, I am just guessing. Not even an educated guess. Just the random comments of a man who has just woke up.


The guy whos making/selling these things frequents the Noswizard forum, goes by the name NosMyBabyGolf. Theres been loads of talk about it on there and he openly admits theyre just a resistor and some bits of wire.