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what do you guys reckon to this

  renaultsport clio 182

i always loved the r5 turbo but its got to be standard looking to for me,as they should be,looks nice though if you like that sort of thing,is the engine standard if not what bhp is it knocking out.

White Silver

ClioSport Club Member
  Mini JCW and FRS

Would be nice in a different colour and without the bodykit/spoiler! Sorry, but the front bumper doesnt even fit properly.

I hate bodykits anyway, but each to their own, and if he likes it, fair enough.

awful, bodykit looks like its been stolen from a nova, colour is gash, tasteless bonnet vent, baby walker rear spoiler

the base car is nice though ;)
  LY 200

Umm for starters the colours mingin but maybe your mate likes it so fair play, other that tho i dont like any of it!!!

Wheels would look ok on a black car!!!
  Not a Clio

as above... what was he thinking with the colour?

bumper is a bit OTT and that spolier... *shudder*

Wheels look nice... could do with a side picture.
Undecided on the bonnet...think standard may look nicer.
Mesh and bad boy doesnt look too bad.
Mirrors you dont really notice.

Just my thoughts.

Quote: Originally posted by Metallic Black on 12 March 2005

Would be nice in a different colour and without the bodykit/spoiler! Sorry, but the front bumper doesnt even fit properly.

WTF that bumpers on ther fine!
  Mazda MX5 1.8

looks pretty good

but doesnt look much different to all the 100s of other modded 5s..........

Edit: gf says "cooool shame about the colour"
  172 M69 eater

hell yeh!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^

the black is amazing, the yellow would look just as nice without the spoiler
  Golf V6 4Motion

I think the car has a lot of potential mate - get the front bumper pulled up and in a bit to make the lines look nice and neat and then like everyone is saying some bigger rims - unless you are doing subtle splitters etc standard size rims on a kitted car look a bit funny cus a kit makes it look bigger and lower etc. Again like everyone else not too sure on the spoiler - I think Carismas one would look the dogs dood - but in all fairness we cant see it properly so cant really comment. The mint would work with the right coloured rims which is a possibility, and maybe also a few other bits in a different colour? A ford imperial blue, or the black or loud yellow would look good - if yellow go with black rims like the valver off here - looks the shiz!

fair play to ya mate and hope it all comes together - lot of potential to make a nice car there, but could easily be ruined. good luck.