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What do you think of these

True!! but you know they are there and amped up they should sound good!! I have some 80w rms jbls in the front on mine and they are run through an amp, sound very good!
  BMW 120i Sport

I was going to get those but bought Focal Polyglass instead.

Wattage isnt everything, you need to know what the sensitvity is too.

A very sensitive speaker with a lower wattage can be just as loud as a speaker thats not as sensitive but has a higher wattage.
  One with a few more

i wouldnt, Id spend the extra and get better.(tho mine are worth 750 so maybe not that much!) The wattage doesnt mean much until youre competing with them, esp with a company like vibe, they will have spend effort getting the wattage up to look impressive and compromised on speaker quality

Like my old JLs sounded gorgeousand were only 65rms - but expensve kit with good SQ. My new ones are 300 rms - but i wont need to be running them at that

also wouldnt trust coaxials that cheap either