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What do you think of this setup...


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I'm going to buy this tomorrow!! Should I shouldn't I - let the torture begin...

I'm not too sured on the Ohms issue, and whether the speakers (below) will even fit in my 04 Sport... or whether the amp is too powerful?? I was advised I would need a speaker adaptor for those speakers - IS THAT RIGHT?

Would appreciate your comments or advice on the setup.

I'm going to buy the JVC KD 821 = £130

and some coax speakers - JBL-GTO-527 13CM 2-WAY SPEAKERS = £30

I already have an amp a JBL - DA6502's Manual/DA6502 om.pdf

And an amplifier package = £20 = £20

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I'd be spending more on the speakers as with an upgraded HU they'll be the weak link, especially if you amp them up.
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Yeah I agree with Tripps spend as much as you can afford within reason on the front speakers this is the main point of sound for any system providing all the detail. You can always run a system without a sub but you cant run it with out speakers!!!
Listen to as many as you can to get a feel for what you like then shop around to see what price you can get