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What do you think?

  Titanium 182
They look awesome but i wouldn't have one unless i had been. However if i bought a car that had been and had one on i would leave it on.
  Astra van,Mk1 nova
Nurbergring edition astra vxr's for example! not every single one of them have been to the ring but yet it has the track on the seats and B pillars. Yes there could be a small arguement that maybe they were tested there etc but not all of them were................

If it makes you happy, why not imo :)
  LY R26 230 F1 Team
I liked the neverbeen one just for a bit of humor, which people on here rarely take kindly too, everyone is far too serious lol.
Dont think i'd have it on my car though...


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  Former R27 & Mk1 V6 owner
I had a Nurburgring sticker on my R27, I bought it at the ring. Buying a ring sticker from Ebay just to make passers by think you might have been, is just sad IMO.

Mind you, my car went to it's new owner yesterday, and it has a ring sticker on. And thinking about it, I want him to leave it on heh, 'cos I'm proud of how awesome the car was there :)

M25 meh!!!! ;)

  Mk1 Clio F4R'd
I mate got the Neverbeen one put on his car before the guy who made them put them on ebay. Stick it on man, its a good laugh lol



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  Former R27 & Mk1 V6 owner
I only just clicked the links, apologies. The Neverbeen one is a nice subtle little laugh that any petrolhead would raise a smile at I bet, on the road I mean :)

I'm not sure about the other one with the RS logo through it, I prefer the proper ones that say Nurburgring, like the ones you can get there. This is mine, no fancy putting it on around the or anything, I just wanted it to be easy to spot and read, because I was so proud of the car, and myself! I just wanted to show it off hehe -

Isn't the 'un-official rule' something like you have to do the ring yourself in the car the sticker is going on. Other than that you suck big time.


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  Former R27 & Mk1 V6 owner
I did three laps of the ring with me and two mates in, and a lap with just me alone :) So there is my proudly displayed sticker hehe :D
LOL at the Neverbeen one, might get that!!

I had an M25Ring sticker on the Clio, noticed they are quite popular now.
  Octavia vRS tfsi
My car wears one proudly. It's been twice, both with me and with its previous owner!
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i'm from the school of thought, only on the car you've driven around the ring. need to get my 197 there to get it stickered up asap.
  172 cup
yer granted they look the daddy. I'd feel like cheating if i had one on my car and i hadnt been. So unless i go its a no no