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What does holding the central locking button do?

  Ph1 172 + Combo van
I've been having some trouble with my keys recently because of the immobiliser not recognising the key.

When i hold in the central locking button inside the car it locks the car then after about 5 seconds ish it unlocks the car again and the immobiliser light by the speedo lights up for a few seconds. What is this doing does it reset something?:S

it sometimes fixes my key problem so i would like to know what it is actually doing if anybody knows?


It can re-synch the keys.

There is a procedure which I forget at present but I think if you have the key in the ignition and it turned on, then press the door lock button for several seconds it should then re-synch if you press the key button.

I know this works for the Lagunas anyway.
  Ph1 172 + Combo van
Ok cheers. ill have to try a few things and keep searching to find out a bit more about it.
  mk1 clio hybrid
yea that works on vauxhalls to ano its another make all together but i had to do the same thing to a zafira today at work. put the key in the ignition and turn the ignition on then press the central locking button for a few seconds until it locks and unlocks the car......problem solved if this dosent work try the same agen but press the button on the key fob a few times and if this dosent work then am stumped lol
  Ph1 track 172
on mine,
holding the central locking button down turns on the auto lock
u go over 10mph and the car locks itself,
doubt this helps at all, bt thought it throw it in
you tired changing the batteries in your key?