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What hand wax to replace megs tech wax?

  K20 EG Hatch
I wax my car every weekend by hand with megs tech wax and it always looks good :)

However, i wanna try something different but what?

  106 GTi
Megs NXT Wax is actaully a sealant, Megs stupid naming policy.

I have never been a fan of it, looked good on my old Blue Cars but does not last.

I would use Autoglym Extra Gloss and P21s Wax or Chemical Guys M Seal and P21s Wax.
Mseal and XXX hardcore wax for me! also have meguairs gold class wax which is good if you cant be bothered with a paste wax :D
  K20 EG Hatch
yeah i would prefer it to be a liquid wax and not a paste one, and i would prefer it to be one step and not like have to do one coat in one product and one in another.....

so nxt tech wax isn't actually a wax to keep it protected? :eek:
  BMW E46 330i Touring
You're better off having 2 stages if you have the time, 1 to seal and then a Carnuba-based wax to improve shine, gloss, etc but with little protection.

I've used NXT for a while, topped off with P21 and I like the results.
  106 GTi
NXT is a Polymer Sealant, rather than a pure wax. It also contains mild paint cleaners to prep the surface first. Cleans and protects, but not very well as it is no very long lasting.

All in one products will never give the same results IMO, a sperate polish and then sealant (plus a wax) for ultimate looks is always best. It is not something you need to do each time you clean the car.

Once every 3 to 6 months, Polish and Seal the car, Autogylm Resin and then Extra Gloss Sealant or CG M Seal. Then once a month or so wax with a good quality Pure carnuba wax like P21s.

Treated like that the car will look great just with a wash and maybe a quick detail spray.
Not tried that Rich, but dont mind a bit of elbow grease removing the XXX, seems to come up well, see my other thread in the media section
  Formally Alex C
I'd go with P21S Wax or Poorboys Natty's Blue. You could do this as often as you want, I'd say once every 3-4 washes and for each in between wash, go with a product like Prima Hydro, a 'wax as you dry' product that gives a great shine and although it doesn't give much protection, it will top up the Poorboys / P21S, and keep you going for a week or two until the next wash. The Hydro can also be kept in the car as a QD if the birds take a liking to your nice clean car!

Alex :).
  Focus ST
Dan Page said:
P21S Wax or Poorboys Natty's Blue

where do i buy these from mate?

Serious Performance, where else...;)

Click on the profile of Alex from serious performance above. That'll get you to his site.


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
justinRT said:
XXX isnt easy off! lol, should try the butter wax if you think XXX is easy to come off

Easy off for me , not much effort at all . Maybe you need some weetabix , lol .
  RB 182
Was using the 50/50 wax this evening and couldn't believe how easy this was to get remove, easier than XXX.
  Hyundai coupe
XXX is good but i find the 50/50 wax so much better

The new extreme liquid depth wax from Chemical guys is very good. here's it on a customers car i done