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What is my mechanic on about!

Just had a phone call from the garage where my car is having its MOT done, he just informed me that the steering knuckle between the rack and the column is knackered and he believes it is not safe to drive, he says that the only way to replace it is a replacement steering column, any advice on what to do next?

Have you noticed any problems with the steering ? Does the wheel feel loose ? Do you trust this mechanic (not trying to rip you off) ? Could always ask to see it if youre not sure but steering is what stops you crashing into things.

BTW: Im no mechanic - far from it !

I have never really had any problems, I thought it was just because the car has been lowered and really needs the tracking sorted it has got a really negative camber on the front wheels.

Just been pricing up a steering column, £160 on andyspares + fitting, had anyone had one replaced on there clio?

Yes me, When I first briught my valver there was a inch PLAY either side when steering. Got the column changed by an official Reno Garage and it cost me £242 inclusive of Vat. When the showed me the old column the knuckle only moved slightly, but when you attach the steering wheel obviously there is a lot more force and more movement up the column causing the PLAY

I see fair enough, I do trust the mechanic, but he is an old bloke and nowadays I am trying to get as much info about problems as that I do not end up getting ripped off!