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What make wheels are these...


  Shiny red R32

Hello Ben, I loved the pics of the fab Porsches - thanks. Looking forward to the Clio pics now!


  Shiny red R32

Ben, seeing you have mentioned K-Tec I have just bought a new hybrid turbo from them for the Raider! Getting it fitted later today, so hope it will be OK. Can you recommend K-Tec? Apparently they built/modded Ali Gs car for that film he was in a little while ago. They have a gorgeous purple GT Turbo for sale - £15,000 but it cost them £28,000
  Clio Gtt

girlracer, ktec are local to me and are respected round here they have done work on alot of 5s
your raider is safe with them


  Shiny red R32

Thanks, great to hear that. I had quite a lengthy conversation the other day with Trevor who was very friendly and helpful. Should get the turbo fitted later today, which means I have to make the mechanics a squidgy chocolate cake!

OH man GR....can i come up!!!
you might wake in the morning to see your raider replaced with an RT!! haha

yeah, you mentioned teh cabrio, so i went looking for one, but to no avail! everything BUT black!

clios commin soon!!

Ace company!
i have been talking to david when the comapny first started, just coincedence as i was getting a side exit zorst built by them for me clio.
and now, they are supplying all the clio stuff i sell over here! David and trev are great! they really knw their stuff, and the products are top knotch, they really do test them before they sell them. All i can say is that, if i has a Gtt, i would go to nobody else, not even BB tunning!

i cant explain just how good they are!
i even recommended that they build a jap style 4" slash cut system as they are really popular here in HK, and hes put them into full production for the UK too.....mid october they will be out! you can say thanks later! haha

which hybrid? you should get one of their heads and group a carbs, oh! and their super sexy exhaust manifold too!!!!....can i have your GTT please! how much you want for it!!??


  Shiny red R32

Ben, I think I might have let one of the mechanics talk me into letting him have the Raider! They all decided that it is a complete waste for me to have a GTT especially now that they have put in the new turbo. They also said that the 172 is wasted on me, as I have only driven 2,333 miles in it since January 20th. But they know that I never do more than about 4,000 miles a year as I drive the Beemer as well. So I am on target to reach the 4,000 miles!

im getting rid of me RT, always been lookin for a decent 5 turbo!
pretty please....

ill bake you some soft brownies!!!

or cook u dinner.....

or or, or that V6 you wanted!!! hold that, that a stupid trade.

how much did it cost you!??

p.s. email me the answer, and itll be anice trip to scotland, as ive never been there!