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What should i do

I have a MK 2 clio 172 with 400 miles on the clock. Every now and then when changing gear into fifth i get a grinding/crunching which is very slight but still worrying with such a new car. Im sure its not my driving because it only happens when changing into fifth.

I was wanting your opinions on what i should do about it. Should i take it into Renault and get it fixed under warranty or just live with it as it only happens every so often. My main WORRY with taking it into Renault is that working on the gearbox will surely mean major work and i fear that the car will come out of Renault with more problems then it went in with. Is fixing this problem worth the risk?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

  Clio 197

By all means get it looked into whilst under warranty. Could be really simple or it could be nasty. Only one way to find out...sooner the better.
  CTR EK9 turbo

My car is in at renault at the moment having the gear box replaced as its completely broken. It started crunching mildly and then it got worse, mainly when selecting 3rd gear. After they inspected it, they discovered that there was oil everywhere (probably linked to their idea of changine the gear box oil for their first "fix" and spilling it everywhere). Basically, ive been waiting for days and days for it to be fixed and on the last shipment of parts from renault when it was supposed to come over, it didnt so its going to be another 3 - 10 days......GREAT. Im starting to get really pissed off. I asked them if they could put it back together and let me keep my car (crunching) whilst they waited for the parts, but they said it was unroad worthy - what Have they done to my car!!!? Im written down the mileage, and im intrigued as to whether itl be fixed properly.

Simon 172

That is exactly what i am afraid of, they might remedy the problem but it may eventually come back again, thats why im thinking its not worth the trouble, but then again the problem if it is similar to yours may get considerably worse.

It may be worthwhile getting an independent mechanic to take a look before i let Renault loose on it.

  CTR EK9 turbo

Maybe take it to Hill Power? everyone on here sings praises for the guy (Nick?) who runs it and works there and im sure hed give you a good opinion. Not sure where it is mind. Try a search or start a thread asking where maybe?

One more question for you simon 172.

When you began to have problems with your car, did the crunching of the gears only happen over a certain number of revs, because on my car the problem seems to get worse the higher the revs are as the gearbox and engine are working faster. Im thinking it could possibly be that the clutch needs adjusting as it may not be disengaging enough when i change up into fifth, this may be the reason why it only happens in this gear and at higher speeds.




  Shiny red R32

Khusba, your car is still very new, so you still have at least two years warranty or maybe three, in which to get it sorted, but as Joe said, it should go to Renault to get fixed, otherwise if you let someone else look at it first, they might try to put the blame on that person, rather than themselves.

Thank you everyone for your advice, it is good to know that there are people who are willing to help.

I think im going to wait a while and see what happens with the gears as like i say it only happens every so often, so it may not be as serious as i first thought, and like Girlracer says i have at least two years warranty so if it does eventually break completely i could still get it fixed under warranty.

I think ill stop worrying and carry on enjoying the car, 625 miles is approaching fast.

Thanks again