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What to Do

Could anyone give me a bit of advice reguarding an accident I had about 3 weeks ago.

The gentleman that I had an accident with was prepared to let me repair his car without going through the insurance ( just built it up to 6 yrs NCB and dont want to lose this) The damage to his car was not extensive, new drivers side light, bumper and a bit of panel damage - you should see mine - put it this way ALOT of damage. I repaired his car and i made him sign a document that basuically stated that he was happy with the repairs to the car and we discussed that i would reinburst him some of the expense that he incurred as a result of this accident. Now two days after i repaired his car he phoned me and told me that the passangers side rear lights were not working and wanted me to repair this side as well. I told him that that was not the side I hit and was nothing to do with me, I told him to calculate his expenses and I would pay him, he became very aggresive with me and then he put the phone down.

Now yesterday I recieved a letter from him together with a bill for £62 for the passanger side light and some wiring and bulbs and a request for £15 for his expences bringing the total to £77 on top of th e £300 I paid to have his car repaired.

Now what do I do ? I am prepared to give him the £15 but not the other amount, what I want to now is that can he still go to the insurers because he threatened to do so on the phone - or is he trying to squeeze me for more money ?

Any advice app


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Umm doubt he could go to the insurers as theres nothing to fix claim on?

Sounds like hes chashing in all his problems.
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Well to save 6 yrs NCB, its still probably just worth paying him - the shock through the car could well have effected other areas - especially things like light bulbs etc,

If i were you id just thank god it wasnt a company car and you could do it without going through insurance, best just to pay him mate!


  EV (s)

tell him to feck off how is he gonna prove it?

you made him sign stuff i take it you took photos

@sshole give me his address

beat him round the dam head with his rear light

you fixed the damage you caused he cant do sh!t

Youre both on thin ice.

If the accident wasnt reported to the Police, then theres little chance anything would stand in the Small Claims Court: thats good for you.

But if you pay him off this time, what will be next? There were no assessors involved, no reports and so on. Sadly, that can work both ways.

Basically, one of you is going to lose some dosh.
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No expert in these matters, but what about the letter he signed saying he was happy with the repairs? On a "gentlemans agreement" basis surely your liabilities have been waived since then and you now have the piece of paper with his signature to prove that?
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If hes signed a document stating he was happy and satisfied with the original repairs then he has no recourse to claim for more damages as the signed is pretty much a legal agreement between yourselves.

Tell him so and that he should sod off.

He might get lawyers involved but then Im pretty sure you would still come out on top because of the document.

Thanks everyone for the advice you are stars ; ) Might go round there and give him the 15 quid for his expenses , as for the faults on the other side of the car - he can go jump.

Thanks once again

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Sorry about your luck mrCCC. I had a similar thing happen - I was waiting at a junction before going to work, there was a car in front (peugeot 205 splash or something) and a space appeared so he started to go, and a car mustve come around the corner quickly and he slammed his brakes on and rolled back a little bit as i was creeping forward - *clong* i rear ended him (in my scirocco). Absolutely no damage to my car at all, (apart from a bit of dirt scraped from his bumper on my washer jet housing) but his rear bumper was dented (a plastic jobby with chrome strip). So i got to work (worked for peugeot - handy) and got a price for a new rear bumper for a 205 - £48 (workers price) and fitting wouldnt be too much. But somehow, hed miraculously found lots of other damage: the boot lid apparently didnt shut with the same sound as before, and he thought that the innerds of the boot had come in slightly - he thinks - and boy were the body shop loving this, adding £££££££ - (b@$t@rd$!!!) and the cost went up to over £300! So i paid it from my own pocket - my excess was something like £500 anyway, so wouldve had to pay it. But people do screw you over, even when they know youre paying from your own pocket! although, if it was through insurance im sure youd find many things wrong with your car/self to claim on!!