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what to do

  Clio 200
As per my other thread about my mum having cancer again it once again leaves me in a position to have to consider a new car.#

I was at a stealers today where I seen a alien green clio 200 pre reg 59 plate on delivery mileage with the recaros.

I have been offered 14k for the 207 and the 200 is going for 14.5k so would be more or less a straight swap.

Pug is a 1.6 hdi 110 cc, full leather interior, directional lights, gt spec, auto headlights bluetooth system I had fitted, rear parking sensors, and tbh a hell of a lot of kit. Averaging 58mpg on my daily trip to work.

The clio would be used for running my mum about and going to work and the occasional blast.

What would you lot do? insurance is roughly the same so not an issue
  Clio 200
before someone says it I know the clio aint ideal but its 10 times more practical than the 207 which is more or less a 2 seater. and I would be able to get my mum and dad in and out
Sorry to hear about that matey. Genuine question here, what exactly is it about your mums situation that means you have to change?

EDIT: Ahhh, I see now. Do it :)
  Clio 200
she struggles to lift her leg any height and the sill on the pug is about 6inches plus wide. so she struggles to get over the sill and into the car and then even more on the way out. plus as there is no b pillar on the pug she has nothing to help her get back out
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From that, i think she'll struggle to get in the Recaro's mate.

Id take her to the dealers with you to try them, but the side bolsters are big and solid, theyre not the easiest seat to get in and out of.
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I don't know your history with posting on cliosport but you are asking a lot a rs enthusiast whether to keep a diesel pug or an amazing looking and performance car so the only answers you will get is 200 200 200. The only reason why you wouldn't has already Been highlighted which is practicality, can I wish you your mum and family my kindest regards as well
  Clio 200
I used to have a 172 but i sold it for a vectra diesel for my mum and work and since traded it for the cc.

I do understand that you will mainly get a biased view on here but some valid points do get raised aswell.

thanks alot for the comments

pot ltd Che

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  Whichever has fuel
Im going to try and keep this as respectful as possible given the circumstances....

But I had a 197 with Recaros and for a good 3 weeks I gave this elderly lady who lives by me a lift to the shops two or three times a week. Everytime she got in and out she gave me the same, hideous, god awful speech...

''Oooh, danny, these seats are so hard the crush my lips everytime i try and get out HAHAHAHA''

It made me feel ill. But If that was my mum, I wouldn't want her to be in pain every time she got in and out the car. Recaro's are far too hard imo.
  Clio 200
haha, thats more what I was looking for. I havent spent much time with a 197/200 with recaros so dont know what it would be like to live with it.

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bad news that. but if you can get the 200 for a swap i think thats a great deal. Not sure the recaros are helpful given the circumstances


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Get the 200, part ex the seats with Alymac off here for the standard jobbies & £££ your way!
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The standard seats have pretty big bolsters, but at least theyre not as hard.

You have to try them to understand, but even i found getting in and out difficult with the recaros. Think theyre made for skinny racing snakes.