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What to get?

Ok im wanting another car already... but i dont know what to choose....
I want either
Another Hybrid
Williams 2
mk2 ph2 1.4 or something
or a 182

Im leaning more towards the hybrid as the old one was great... if i want speed it would be that since the hybrid beat 182s and normal williams' The 1.4 is the more sensible approach :p



  Flaming Inferno 225
Nothing wrong with blue, I think Billy looks smart, even more so with his new wheels :)
182, in yellow.. blue is too good for you mate, only certain people are invited to buy it, bit like an enzo ;)
lol i thought only "special" people were given blue cars.... ;) seems im right.....

Mind you the liquid yellow is so i can relive my days on the sunshine bus :) lol
Williams I prefere my old one to the 172/1782's never ming which is quicker on the 1/4 mile on track the WIlliams was IMO the more fun car.
:p if i was going for performance id be getting a hybrid or williams but for luxury the 182 and the 1.4 for being sensible.... can you have polls on here?