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What to look 4

Today I am going to be looking at 3 different Williams, one in essex, one in sevenoaks and the last one in maidstone. They all have had one owner, two are below 75,000 but one has done 103k. Can anyone inform me on what to look out for on the willy to make sure that I get a good buy.

Any advice will be greatly appriciated.



A full service history, no accident damage (unless you get a very good price), check for rust on the rear arches and front of the rear quarter panels as you would on a 16v. Make sure cambelt has been done and higher millege ones have had a clutch. Regular oil changes, and lots of TLC

Make sure its not a fake! (early ones have no roofs, colour coded spoilers etc etc)

See if the bloke seems alright and fairly honest. If you like what you see, bargain like mad...!
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Try taking a small magnet with you to check to see if the body work has been filled with filler. Probably a HPI check if you found one and fell in love with it.
  Williams 2, STi N12

Remember the front wings are plastic though!!! Oil pressure when cold and warm. Put a rag over the exhaust when running to hear any leaks! Ask if you can take out a spark plug to see the condition! Anything to put your mind at rest..but bear in mind that most will always need some kind of work doing.

Happy hunting.

Agree totally - most will need some work doing.

The 16v/Williams take the mileage, but Id not consider a car like these as reliable daily transport. Dont get me wrong: they rarely break down with high miles, as many of the sorts of problems that cause non-starts will be cured by now (Lambda sensor, TDC sensor etc). But there will probably be problems to do with the electrics and transmission as time goes on. Never the sort of thing that makes the car immobile, but fixing them will improve the car no end.

Im going to leave the buying guide to the other posts and the guide on the cliosport main website. But if I were you Id most definitely get an AA inspection - and this is why...

I guess that I am a perfectionist (as most who see my car will agree!), but Id still had have to have done all the work Ive done to my car in the last year. That lot totals nearly £3.5k, much of it just on parts, not labour - which equals almost all my disposeable income for the last year!!

Fortunately, as a Masters student, I have the time to work on my car and no need to use it for weeks at a time if necessary. But if I had a job, Id be using a bus or buying a smaller engined/diesel Clio for daily duties.

What you will be getting though is undoubtedly the hot hatch performance icon and a car that will out handle, out accelerate and out pose almost anything for the requisite £5k or so.